Co-piloting Trip to Larsen Ice Shelf

The daily update of the info-screen in the dining hall which shows the co-piloting assignments for the next days twin otter flights is almost as interesting as finding out what the chefs have cooked for dessert.

Yesterday was my day off and my name appeared as co-pilot for a trip out to pickup a load from the Larsen ice shelf Sledge Quebec field party. Woohoo. After a morning of waiting for the weather to clear here at Rothera we left in the early afternoon for the one hour flight Eastward across the peninsula to the Ice shelf. We rather rapidly climbed to 12,000 feet to be sure we would clear all the peaks on the peninsular.
At the camp site the Sledge Quebec team had laid out and flag poled a skiway at their camp. We were the 4th of 6 flight loads requiredto pickup the project team, science kit and 4 skidoos.
It was fabulous to see a real-life field camp. It took us about an hour to load one skidoo and a thousand pounds or so of stuff and two scientist onto the twin otter.

ash-skidoo bb-quebec camp-setup jenny pyramid-tent-entrance quebec-goodbye skidoo-unload steve-quebec steve-quebec-team tent-and-plane

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