About the earthling writing this blog

Hello and welcome.

My name is  Cathy Colless,  I will be spending 5 months working for the British Antarctic Survey as a Radio Communications Officer at the Rothera Base on Adelaide Island on the Antarctic Peninsula for the 2014/2015 season.

I will write about my job,  daily life, anything interesting that I come across and probably some random nonsense. It is mostly a record for me but you are welcome to read it if you want to.

Cathy Colless

By all means do come on in if you would like to read some of the blog.




Please do leave a comment to say hello if you are reading along.

I will also post less technical stuff on facebook occasionally.


5 thoughts on “About the earthling writing this blog

  1. Hello Cathy.
    You’ll not recall me but I tutor at Bromley & District Radio Society where you studied. I wanted to ask a favour of you – my Grand-daughter Ruby (aged 7 today) is studying the Antarctic this term. Its built into her curriculum in every subject. Her school is in Orpington.

    I know the children (and probably the teachers too) would be very excited to know of your deployment in every respect. Is there a way they could communicate with or hear from you? They don’t have a radio station at the school (sounds a daft thing to non-amateurs), so perhaps they could send to and receive messages from you via this blog site?

    I hope all is going well for you. Those of us at BDARS who know of you are very proud of our connection with you. Perhaps on your return you could come along and give us a presentation on your experiences?

    Kindest regards.
    Graham Dobson M0PTD


    1. Hi Graham, lovely to hear from you.
      I do indeed remember you from my BDARS training.

      I would be delighted to answer questions from the kids at Orpington School.
      My email address is cathy.colless at gmail.com

      I look forward to receiving the questions !


      1. Thanks Cathy. I have passed your contact details to Miss Smart and Miss Churchill, the two teachers concerned at Perry Hall Primary School in Orpington. It may take a little time to introduce the children to the idea and for them to formulate questions for you. Thank you.

        Graham Dobson M0PTD



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